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While owning your own tiny home is the “dream,” Molly’s story shows you can enjoy the tiny life even while renting! Her home is parked in the backyard of a family who actually protested in their city to allow tiny homes as ADUs. Molly doesn’t have the stress of “where to park it,” and her landlord’s actions are opening up more options for affordable housing!

When she got a new dance partnership in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area, Molly revived her long-time dream of tiny living and found this great place to rent. She says that although she lives tiny, she wouldn’t say she’s a total minimalist — she keeps the things she loves and finds space for them!

We got to interview Molly about her tiny life, so be sure to check out the Q&A after her awesome photo tour below! Follow Molly on Instagram here. Enjoy.

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This Tiny House ADU Became Molly’s Little Home

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