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After his divorce, Joe was looking for a way to avoid renting a room with a bunch of guys or buying real estate in Oregon, but he still wanted to be near his kids. Taking this box truck and turning it into a home was the perfect solution, and allows him to join his teens on their outdoor adventures (hiking and kayaking).

His truck has everything he needs — a chest fridge, induction cooktop, toilet, shower, lounge space and super comfortable bed. Plus, the box can be removed if it ever needs to come off and put on another vehicle. Pretty cool.

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Joe’s Stealthy Box Truck in Oregon

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This is “The Manor” built for Gemma and Darryl by HouseBox, a handcrafted horsebox-conversion builder in England.

We asked House-Box to convert our 1989 Layland DAF Roadrunner in to a liveable space for us to use as our touring home while we travel with our circus. House-Box took our ideas and created a beautiful home far beyond our expectations. Their use of natural light and design has made a relatively small space into a fully functioning home with plenty of storage and all the comforts a home should have. They fitted fantastic electrics and plumbing including 3 large solar panels and a gas heating pump for hot water. I would recommend the company for any type of conversion. Beautiful craftsmanship with plenty of vision and thought put into each design.
We love our home x Gemma and Darryl x

And yes, there’s even a bathroom! Watch the video tour to get all the details and find the builder’s contact information below.


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The Manor: Gemma and Darryl’s HouseBox

Images via HouseBox

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This is Steve’s house truck, a horsebox conversion called the “Kaya Box” that features a distinctly Rastafarian-themed interior.

Steve shared his ideas with Dean, owner of HouseBox in England, who made them into reality! For those who don’t know, horseboxes are used to transport horses, but this one has been transformed into a beautiful, handcrafted home. Way to reuse! There’s black, red and yellow tiling in the kitchen and bathroom along with red, yellow and green trimwork on the exterior that would make Bob Marley proud.

Take a video tour (inside starts around minute 11) and read Steve’s testimonial on the last page. Enjoy!

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The Kaya Box House Truck Conversion (Rasta-Theme)

Images via HouseBox

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This is a tiny Ford Ranger house truck that was built in one month for only about $500 in materials.

It was built using about 90% recycled materials using a 2000 Ford Ranger as the chassis. Inside, you’ll find a bed, bench, and storage.

Joe, the owner/builder, was able to build it himself in about a about a month. He has a camp shower and uses local and public restrooms and showers as he travels. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Ford Ranger House Truck

Tiny Ford Ranger House Truck 001

Images © AClarino/YouTube

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This is John’s custom built tiny house truck. It’s 8′ wide, 23′ long and weighs about 6 tons.

And right now we get to tour it thanks to our friends at Tiny House Giant Journey. When they were driving down the highway with their tiny home in tow they spotted it at a gas station and raced to go see it and hopefully meet the owner.

John has been traveling with his tiny house truck for over a year. Please enjoy the story and house truck video tour/interview then re-share it with your friends below. Thank you!

Man’s Simple Nomadic Life in a Custom House Truck

John's Tiny House Truck

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey

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This is the story of how a couple took a box truck and turned it into their very own DIY tiny house. I guess you can also just call it a house truck, right?

In the video tour and interview below you’ll get to not only see their entire tiny home but you’ll also get a peek into what it’s like to live simply in a custom built house truck.

When this video was made they’d been living in it for about six months while traveling on the road. Would you ever live tiny in a house truck? Let us know in the comments. And either way please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Living Simply in DIY Box Truck Tiny House

DIY Tiny House Truck

Images © LivingBiginaTinyHome

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