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If you absolutely love tiny houses, tree houses, cabins, forts, and skateboarding or BMX’ing then you’re in for a real treat right now because here are a couple of tiny houses up in the tree tops with a personal skatepark right on the property. This place is called The Cinder Cone.

It consists of two main treehouse cabins which connect to each other with a bridge. Everything is custom designed and built for the property. Below, and directly in view from the treetop cabins, is where the private skatepark is located. This is definitely the dream life for any pro skateboarder or BMX person.

And did I mention the treetop deck with the hot tub? Yeah! And the views are stunning too. This is a really amazing property and I want to thank one of our amazing readers, Nick Smith, for sharing. To me this property in inspiring. What does your dream tiny house, cabin, and ‘estate’ look like? If you’d like to please share in the comments. Either way, please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Treetop Tiny House with Personal Skatepark


Images © The Cinder Cone

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