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Emily and her husband Cameron first lived together in a narrowboat before moving back on land into a stationary caravan in the United Kingdom, which means they’re no strangers to living tiny.

She’s decorated the place into a Bohemian wonderland and they love their tiny life with their two dogs! We interviewed her about her tiny lifestyle, so be sure to check out the Q&A at the end of the post. She also told us about what it’s been like living tiny during COVID-19.

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Emily’s Hippy Caravan in the United Kingdom

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Last week we got in touch with multiple tiny home dwellers to talk to them about living life in a tiny house during the pandemic. Now we’re here to say: Maybe some of us who are stuck in the city can try it too!

Some vacation rentals on Airbnb across the country are opening their doors to city-dwellers who need an escape and a safe place to stay socially distant in. Quarantine looks a lot different in a locked in a high rise than it does on a piece of land in nature where you can get outside and enjoy fresh air even if you aren’t able to be a tourist.

So we made a list of some of our favorite Tiny House Vacation spots in the US & Canada below for you!

We post this with great caution: In no way do we at Tiny House Talk want to encourage the unnecessary spread of the virus. Please only consider tiny living for quarantine if you’re currently in a city/urban area where social distancing is difficult. Do not rent any of these places if you’re feeling ill, and make sure to truly stay quarantined when you arrive. While these are in great locations, this isn’t the time to sight-see.

Also try to find one within driving distance of your home, so you don’t have to fly in order to get there.

Agua Norte Cabin in Minnesota


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During this COVID-19 crisis, we’re all trying to self-isolate and #stayhome as much as possible — which gets a little interesting when you live in spaces under 300 square feet!

We decided to check in on some tiny house dwellers around the world and see how they’re holding up during quarantine and what they’re doing to stay sane! From creating a work-from-home office to long nature walks to binge-watching Tiger King, these tiny homers are figuring out how to live large despite the tight quarters.

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Tiffany the Tiny House: Tim & Sam

Tim & Sam live on a campground North of Sarasota, Florida in their THOW. 

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What’s been the hardest thing about quarantine in a tiny home? Definitely both of us working from home. We don’t have office chairs with lumbar support, so it can be tough to find a spot to settle in for an 8 hour work day but make it work. If one is in a webinar and someone needs to take a phone call we utilize the outside space for separate areas.

What have you been doing to stay sane? Tim is constantly doing something at the new property and tiding things up there. He has a bunch of projects to work on. He also bought an Xbox to play with friends to keep a social interaction alive. Sam is still working normal hours, but spends lots of time cooking, reading, and Facetiming friends.

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