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Meet Mollie and her adorable tiny house on wheels. She lives with her two adopted dogs in her THOW in Teton Valley, Idaho.

She just moved in at the end of February, and has lots of time to enjoy decorating and making it home due to the shelter-in-place order! She plans to add metal skirting and a deck to the home once the weather warms up.

Enjoy the photo tour of her great home and be sure to check out the Q&A we had with her at the end of the post!

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She’s Living Tiny With Two Dogs in Teton Valley, Idaho

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We interviewed Tim & Sam, the owners of Tiffany the Tiny Home, just after they moved into their THOW, and now it’s been nearly three years and they’re still living tiny!

In fact, the couple purchased a small island in Florida where they are in the process of building an octagonal tiny home on a foundation (@shellmate_island on Instagram) that they will rent out to others who want to try out the tiny life. They’ll continue to live in Tiffany, just in a more idyllic location they own.

Tiffany (@tiffany_the_tiny_home on Instagram) has such an elegant interior with dark trim, cream walls and stained glass windows. We caught up with Tim & Sam in our Q&A at the end of the post, so be sure to read that!

Related: Shellmate Island is now Available on Airbnb!

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Tiffany the Tiny Home Updated Owner Interview

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If you’ve been wondering how long does it take to build a tiny house on wheels, you’re at the right place.

I received a question from a reader (you can read it entirely below) who was also wondering how long it takes to build tiny, and I thought you might be wondering the same thing. So why not answer it right here on a public blog post and open the topic up to discussion in the comments?

This is a great question and there’s obviously not just one answer because it largely depends on your situation. Like what you want in the house, how detail oriented you are, how much learning you have to do, and more…

Like whether or not you want to take the extra time to find reclaimed materials like a used trailer that needs to be refurbished. Or if you want to harvest your own wood and need to find the time and resources to mill it.

This question also largely depends on not only how much construction experience you already have and who might be available to help you but also on how much time you are able to dedicate to the project every week. Let’s dive deeper and get your question answered below.

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How Long Will It Take Me To Build a Tiny House?


Image © TheRitzOnWheels (featured here)

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Today, in the comments on this post, Shelby asks, “What kind of interior siding looks like conventional sheet rock — thought that was a no no for tiny house on wheels due to the stress off moving??”

Great question! A lot of people ask about how some builders install drywall on the interior of tiny houses that are built on trailers because they worry that when towing it will cause the interior drywall sheets to crack.

And that’s definitely a smart thing to worry about. When I saw Shelby’s question, I remember reading about a trick to prevent your drywall from cracking… even in a tiny house on wheels.

I learned about this ‘trick’ thanks to Carrie and Shane from Clothesline Tiny Homes. They used this method and it worked. Plus they traveled quite a bit with their tiny home with no issues.

Tiny House Drywall ‘Trick’ Prevents Cracking

Learn how it works below:

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Is it just me, or aren’t there a lot of tiny house people out there who are artistic?

Whether you write, paint, draft, sculpt, or dance..

I’m coming to terms with the fact that: artists need their space.

Yet artists usually LOVE tiny houses. So that begs the question..

How Do Artists and Tiny Homes Come Together?

Tiny Houses and Artists

Photo Credit Facebook

If artists need their space for drafts, art, rough drafts, research, then how the heck would one live in a tiny home and continue creating?

So I asked our Facebook Fans and here’s what they said…

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