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John and Elsa decided to build this tiny house “because we wanted to” — which is about the best reason I can think of! They contracted out different aspects of the build, like the steel framing and roofing, and now rent the home to a South African woman who was stuck due to the pandemic. Later, they may sell the tiny house and find a new project to work on.

It sits in a private spot at the end of the couple’s garden, and inside it has all the luxuries you’d want from a tiny house, including a large lounge area, fully-equipped kitchen, and bathroom with shower and flush toilet. There’s heating and air-conditioning inside, and two lofts.

The couple shared all the tiny house specs below, so be sure to read more and watch the video tour as well.

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Stunning New Zealand THOW Built “Just Because”

John & Elsa’s Tiny House Project 4

Images via John & Elsa

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This is Weed High School’s Tiny House Project out of Weed, California.

The first floor has 135 sq. ft. of space with an additional 60 sq. ft. sleeping loft and another 20 sq. ft. storage loft.

The high school’s construction class built the tiny home and now it’s up for auction so they can fund another project!

Weed High School’s Tiny House on Wheels

Weed High Schools Tiny House Project 001

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This is the Lil Red Tiny House with an in-depth video tour from Tiny Houses Australia.

Lil Red is builder Ben’s third tiny house project, and is currently for sale in Melbourne, Australia. You can follow more of Ben’s work on Instagram.

The itty bitty home packs in a storage couch, tiny table, compact kitchen and lofted double bed. It is missing a bathroom (although it has an outdoor shower!), but it’s a challenge to fit one into just 14 ft.! The exterior features burned cedar, which was a new endeavor for Ben and family that you can learn about in the video.


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Lil Red Tiny House: Video Tour with Tiny Houses Australia

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Great tiny house on a 25′ trailer that was built to withstand hurricane force winds. It is all brand new. New high end cedar siding, double pane high end windows, and quality metal roof. The interior is not completed, however some of the wiring has been started and the shower stall has be installed. Also, some of the rough ins are in place. It has a loft bedroom. I did not plan to sell it, but the difficulty moving it to my mountain property in NC made plans change. I have put a lot of work and effort into this; I want it to go to a good home. I have $5000 into it, but I am only asking 4500 to help with a quick sale. I am willing to look at trade offers for the following: Used truck (2002 or later), gold and/or silver, used trailer camper 2008 or later, possibly firearms along with cash. If you have trade offers please provide pictures… Only serious offers please…

Source: http://pensacola.craigslist.org/rvs/4828308926.html

25′ Tiny House For Sale (Unfinished Shell on Wheels)


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Right now I wanted to show you a video tour of Lee Pera’s DIY tiny house on wheels thanks to Derek Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com.

Her little house is still in the works but the tour will give you a good idea of what’s involved when designing and building tiny.

This home is located at Boneyard Studios in Washington D.C. Please enjoy below.

Lee Pera’s DIY Tiny House on Wheels at Boneyard Studios


Image © RelaxShacks/Joe Coover

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Some of you might remember Tiny: A Story About Living Small.

It’s a tiny house documentary created years ago by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller.

I posted on it a while back (and even more later- see below) and some of you even helped raise money for them on their Kickstarter fundraiser.

You might already have even seen the movie at a local screening or film festival. But I’m here to announce that the film is now officially available. More on how and where you can watch it below.

Tiny: A Story About Living Small Released


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So you want to find reclaimed materials for your tiny house project because paying upward of $20,000 for a one-hundred-something square foot home just doesn’t seem right. Fortunately there are people who have built their little houses for less than $10,000 using some of the tips in this article.

Finally, there’s Dee Williams, who you are likely familiar with. She built her humble house for around $10,000 after leaving her big house.

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5 Strategies for Acquiring Reclaimed Materials

How to Find Reclaimed Materials for Your Tiny House ProjectPhoto Courtesy of Nicolas Boullosa via Flickr and Faircompanies inside Jenine Alexander’s tiny house

3 Easy Tips on how to get Reclaimed Materials for your Tiny House Project

1. Be on the lookout for structures around you that are going to be demolished [continue reading…]