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Have you ever considered putting your tiny house on Airbnb, but weren’t sure about the logistics such as insurance, location, and what guests are looking for? Ethan Waldman, who built his own tiny home in 2012 and lived in it for years before putting it on Airbnb, shares his experiences in his podcast episode here.

He had to move the tiny house to a new lot in order to start renting it out in May, but within a couple of days, he already had his first visitor! Check out the tiny house below and tune into the podcast to learn how you could do the same thing.

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Ethan has had his Tiny House on Airbnb Since May

Putting Your THOW on Airbnb 24

Photos by Rikki Snyder

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You’re probably already familiar with Andrew Odom of the Tiny r(E)volution..

But I wanted to remind you of his awesome tiny house podcast…

The r(E)vo Convo Tiny House Podcast

That’s right – it’s a FREE podcast hosted by our friend Andrew Odom.

revo-convo-podcast Tiny House Living brought to you by Tiny r(E)volution

Have You Seen Andrew’s Finished Tiny Home?

Just in case you haven’t seen the latest photos of Andrew and Crystal’s beautiful tiny home:

Andrew Odom's Tiny House on Wheels

Photo Credits Tiny r(E)volution on Facebook (Click to see more)