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This is the SHEDsistence Tiny House. We’ve featured this great build in the past (and even named it one of our favorites of 2016!), but it turns out there are now new, even better images of the home that we get to share with you.

The 204 sq. ft. tiny was the DIY brainchild of Robert and Samantha, an architect and nurse who spent 14 months and $30,000 designing and building their very own tiny home. They’ve now lived in it for a whole year and wrote a fantastic post about their first 365 days of tiny home living. It’s well worth a read!

SHEDsistence: The Finished Product A Year in Review

Images via SHEDsistence

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Jim Wilkins from Tiny Green Cabins just contacted me with a tiny house photo contest announcement.

Celebrate Your Space Photo Contest

To qualify your home must be between 50-500 square feet.


PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 27, 2011 – Living in smaller, sustainable and healthy home is becoming the choice of many. Young singles find an easily affordable home, retirees wanting to downsize and the appeal of creating a custom portable space is also attractive to sportsmen and travelers.

Tiny Green Cabins is excited about 3 years of growth and is looking forward to its 4th year and beyond. Celebrating your tiny space seems like the perfect way to mark this occasion.

For those of you who live in these spaces, celebrate autumn, decorate your cabin with an autumn, Halloween, or Thanksgiving theme and submit a photo that shows how much you enjoy your tiny, efficient space. The online contest ends on November 15th and the winners will be announced on November 24th.

The winner will receive a pair of Plug ‘n Save Energy Products PV Solar Shutters with inverter. This is a solar collector that mounts on the side of a tiny house as window shutters, connects into your electrical system through a standard outlet and adds electricity with your personal grid. Honorable mention up will be eligible for a Lowe’s gift certificate.

For more information please visit http://tinygreencabins.com/press-release/.

Tiny House Photo Contest

Small house pictures always motivate me in some way to simplify my life even more. Especially when I find one of those houses that seem to have achieved a sort of perfection.

Since you’re here, I’m sure you like them too. And you’re probably thinking about different ways to downsize.

Well I know you’ll love these links if you’re…

  • looking for interior design ideas
  • just browsing for fun/entertainment
  • trying to see what living small is like
  • looking for inspiration to build your own
  • thinking about simplifying your life even more

Enjoy… Just click on any of the pictures or on the house name if you want to see and learn more about it. All the links will keep you here at Tiny House Talk but they will open in a new window/tab so you can click on the rest. Which is your favorite?

I like the 320 square foot garage conversion the best… Or the dome cabin it’s a hard choice! The 400 SF 20k house would be great if you could add more windows and update the interior, but it was obviously made on a budget.

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400 SF 20k House

400 Square Foot House

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