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This is Jared and Haley’s Tiny Mountain Home that was nominated for 2016 Tiny House of the Year!

Jared and Haley were ready to start having more fun and traveling more. They designed and built their own tiny home in the beginning of 2016 and currently reside in the mountains of North Carolina in a tiny house community. They have been living tiny with their two dogs for 7 months now, and absolutely love it! They were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to adjust to the small space of their home. Their tiny home is on a twenty foot trailer and is completely off grid capable.

Their immediate plans are to stay in Asheville, NC until after their wedding in the fall of 2017. Then they hope to buy land near Chattanooga TN and start their family and tiny homestead.

They both agree that this was the best decision they possibly could have made together. The freedom tiny living allows them is priceless 🙂 If you want to learn more about Jared and Haley Rhodes check out www.tinymountainrhodes.com and follow on Instagram!

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Jared and Haley’s Tiny Mountain Home

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