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Since we’re finally so blessed to have an entire TV show dedicated to tiny houses (yes- I’m talking about the Tiny House Nation TV Show on tonight 7/9/14 at 10pm est) I’m also excited about Zack Giffin (co-host of the show) sharing his adventures with us from the last few months (and maybe even years).

I say this because it seems as he’s been ‘secretly’ building tiny houses in anticipation for the show for the last few months and he’s had to stay quiet about it the entire time. But starting today it’s all finally being revealed to us. And I’m just so excited to see what Zack and his team at FYI Television Network (part of A&E and formerly known as the Biography Channel in case you’re having trouble finding FYI in your channel lineup).

Zack Giffin Co-Hosts Tiny House Nation TV Show


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