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If you’re a Fan on our Facebook Page you might have been a part of a conversation we had on tiny house loans on March 1st.

Since then we have come up with a simple solution so we can start creating financing for people like you.

Now We Are the Bank?

More importantly, it’s a way for us as a community to fund each other. That means we become the bank.

Hundreds of us can invest in each other’s tiny house projects. And interest goes to people like you and me instead of big banks.

How? We’re using a trusted 3rd party peer-to-peer lending network.

Loans for Tiny Homes

My favorite part about this idea is that regular people can get paid to help others start their tiny house projects. Whether that’s a tiny house on wheels, a small cabin on some land or just a teardrop camper for weekends.

Photo Credit Sarah Myers

Photo Credit Sarah Myers

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