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The Story of How I Live in My Tiny House Full Time – by Shirley Loomis

Living in my tiny house on a full-time basis actually was an evolutionary process, and truth be told, is still occurring.

The first part came when I took a critical look at the stuff I owned and decided what to keep and what to discard. Even what I kept had qualifiers.

Much of it was items I did not always want to have out on a full-time basis. Some things were seasonal and therefore did not need to be openly available at all times.

Full Time Living in my Tiny House


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A recent Bloomberg article on the tiny house movement features tiny house living success stories, builders, and influencers which makes for a really fun read.

The article covers topics such as costs to build a tiny house and how people don’t really need a lot of money to be able to own their own house.

It features Doug Immel, who’s almost done building his 164 square feet dream tiny home so that he can retire simply in it.

As you read you’ll also discover a section completely dedicated to living without a mortgage because that’s what the micro house movement is all about… freedom.

Tiny House Living Success Stories


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