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Today I want to introduce you to Culshaw Kitchenettes, some absolutely gorgeous kitchens for tiny homes!

Culshaw sells five different kitchenette styles, which I’ll show you below. You might remember seeing one of them in the Hivehaus Modular Homes we featured last year.

Keep in mind that, at least for now, it looks like these are only available in the UK.

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Culshaw Kitchenettes: Furniture for Tiny Houses

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I’ve pulled together the top 18 tiny house kitchens for you to enjoy.

It’s always a challenge to design the right kitchen, especially if you plan on using it a lot.

I thought you might enjoy looking at what others have done to create their own micro kitchens in tiny houses.

And I’m curious… which one is your favorite? (Let us know in the comments.)

1. Macy’s Contemporary Kitchen with Wooden Sliding Door


See more of Macy’s tiny house in this post.

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