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Our reader, Sam, recently introduced us to Hygge Supply — a reinvented kit home that offers all kinds of modular options for building! While the company can build standard-sized houses, their smallest unit is a 149 square foot cottage, and the next size up is a still-tiny 307 square foot “Large Cottage.”

These aren’t prefabricated homes, and are built on-site with a traditional construction loan. They aren’t DIY-friendly, but are a great not-on-wheels tiny house option if you already own land somewhere. If your municipality allows for ADU (alternative dwelling units), you could likely build one of these as a granny pod or Airbnb rental.

All the finishes like cabinets and faucets are included in the build price, and you have a certain number of them to pick from to design your spot. Take a look at some design options below, and head over to their website to learn more!

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Site-Built Kit Homes (149 Sq. Ft. & 307 Sq. Ft. Options)

Hygge Supply Kit Homes

Images via Hygge Supply

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If you’re looking for a tiny house that’s not on wheels, one of the tiny home kits from Summerwood Products might be the perfect option! They have an abundance of style options with window & door upgrades, options for decks and dormers, and even choices between pre-cut kits and pre-assembled kits for some models.

These are essentially tiny home shells that you can then finish out however you’d like them in terms of floor plan and finishes. I went through their site and found six awesome choices (although there are many more) and listed them below from cheapest to most expensive.

You’ll be on the hook for electrical and plumbing options, but you can truly make these your very own! If you buy now the homes are all 30% off due to their 30 Year Anniversary sale. Prices listed below include the discount.

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Build Your Own House from these Tiny Home Kits! First, The 11-ft. Catalina

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This is a Kokoon Home KITs creation: Two 8×24 tiny homes built for a client as a dazzling showroom! The houses are connected by a 4 ft. deck.

These pictures just give you an idea of what you can do with Kokoon’s 718 Kompak shell that starts at $8,995.00 (It comes insulated and certified for insurance and financing). Kokoon (located in Atlanta Georgia) keeps the price for custom builds confidential, but if you are looking for a shell that you can make into your home, Kokoon has some excellent options!

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Kokoon Home KITs: Two 8×24 Tiny Homes

Images via Kokoon Homes KITs Facebook

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