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Update: Elaine’s Tumbleweed tiny house is no longer available for rent at the moment but you can still enjoy this original article I published on August 22, 2011 below:

A few years ago Elaine Walker discovered and fell in love with the Lusby design by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

So she put her big house on the market and began building the Lusby.

After jumping through a few hoops she ended up figuring out a way to make it work since her big home wasn’t selling.

She sold her lake front land, rented out her big house and moved to California with her Lusby house.

Today, she has already sold her big house and moved closer to San Francisco.

Elaine now has a 96-year-old two bedroom house with the tiny house on a trailer in the backyard.

So now you can book some time in one of the world’s tiniest hotels, her little Lusby. 🙂

Elaine Walker's Tiny House - A Tumbleweed Fencl

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