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Check out this 236 sq. ft. zen teahouse that can easily be a backyard office or guest retreat.

The owner of the zen teahouse was a internationally known architect, Pietro Belluschi, who was known during his lifetime for designing skyscrapers and churches with steeples in Portland, Oregon.

His son, Anthony Belluschi, has now restored the original 1944 tiny house into what you see below.

Pietro used to use it for reading architect plans, drafting, napping and as a simple getaway in his own back yard.

Inside the zen teahouse you will find three defined sections that are separated by sliding shoji screen doors.

This is to separate the kitchen from the bathroom and living/sleeping area.

Would you make a backyard office like this? Or could you live in a space like this full time?

236 Sq. Ft. Zen Teahouse in Portland


Images © Blaine Covert/Oregon Live

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