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This is the breathtaking Essen’Ciel Tiny House on Wheels from Baluchon, a builder in France.

I might have to move to France just to live in one of these! I love the robin’s-egg-blue metal roof, and the gorgeous color scheme continues to the interior on the accent wall and kitchen hardware. The home has a loft bedroom, nifty pull-out steps, and a spacious bathroom and kitchen. The living room even features a pull out full-sized bed for company (or you if you hate steps!).

It was custom built for Marie-Laure, who upgraded from her small caravan to a tiny home!

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Breathtaking Essen’Ciel THOW from Baluchon

Images via Baluchon

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This is the Christine Model by La Tiny House in France.

It’s about 19.5 ft. long and features two lofts, one of which is accessible by some cool floating bookshelf stairs. The best part of this home might be the giant wall of windows that lets in tons of natural light.

You can check out details on models and pricing at the La Tiny House website.

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Christine Model by La Tiny House in France

Images via La Tiny House

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This is an adorable Appalachia tiny home on wheels in France by La Tiny House Company.

Outside, you’ll notice a fun geometric look because of a mixture of vertical and horizontal wooden siding. Off the front of the home is a small covered patio area.

When you go inside, you’ll find beautiful pine walls and floors. In the kitchen, there’s a metal countertop with two stove top burners and a stainless steel sink. The loft area is completely paneled in pine and has wooden shelving units to separate it from the main living area. You can get the full tour by watching the video below.

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The Appalachia Tiny Home on Wheels in France


Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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