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Years after experiencing one of the greatest financial disasters of our time the future of tiny houses keep looking better and better because of the low demand lifestyle that comes with living in a tiny house.

The future of tiny houses keeps getting brighter because more people every day are gaining interest in a simpler lifestyle. And this is because it makes sense financially, environmentally and even spiritually.

Tiny House Talk: The Future of Tiny Houses

Illustration of a Couple Living in a Cute Tiny House Going About Their Daily Tasks

Image © lenm

How Many People Are Into Tiny Houses?

The growth over the recent years has been amazing. I estimate that there are now officially over one million people or more that are seriously interested in tiny house living in the United States alone.

I also estimate that we will reach millions more within the next few short years and tens of millions more within a another decade. So what does this mean for you? What does it mean for us? For society? For our kids?

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