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This is The Harvester Fifth Wheel Tiny House Giveaway. It’s a farm-inspired tiny house on wheels also known as ‘Farm Fresh’.

It’s the latest tiny house giveaway from TinyHouseGiveaway.co. It’s built on a 28-ft. gooseneck trailer and features approximately 250-sq.-ft. of space inside.

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The Farm Fresh Harvester Fifth Wheel Tiny House on Wheels Giveaway 2019-2020

The Harvester Farm Fresh Fifth Wheel Tiny House Giveaway via TinyHouseGiveaway-co 001

Images via Tiny House Giveaway

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This is a Tiny House Giveaway to benefit the Kadima Animal Sanctuary.

One lucky winner gets to take ownership of the Sushi Tiny House you can see below.

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How to Win the Sushi Tiny House on Wheels – Kadima Animal Sanctuary THOW Giveaway!

Kadima Tiny House Giveaway – You Can Win This THOW

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Do you want a beautiful custom-built tiny house? Do you want it for (nearly) free? Me too!

Lamon Luther is giving away a free tiny house so that they can raise money for Help One Now that will go towards building a rescue home for impoverished children in Kairos Village, Peru.

Your entry fee ($20 for 1 entry, $40 for 6 entries, $100 for 15 entries, or $250 for 45 entries) goes to support a wonderful charity that’s educating vulnerable children in extreme poverty in South America. PLUS, you might win the tiny house you see below! Enter here and try your chances!

You must buy your entries by Thursday, May 4th, and the winner will be announced on May 5th! Enjoy looking at your *possible* new home.

Win this Gorgeous Tiny House from Lamon Luther!

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