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This is Cedar Country Charm Tiny House on Wheels that’s for sale on Tiny House Finder in Pennsylvania.

The 24′ long house features a gorgeous wooden interior, but I love the faux stone backsplash in the kitchen. I think I could put those fake stones everywhere! It has two lofts, one accessible by a great storage staircase, and the bathroom has a stunning corrugated metal shower stall and a Nature’s Head composting toilet.

For all the details and to contact the owner, check out the listing on Tiny House Finder.

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Cedar Country Charm Tiny House on Wheels, PA

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This is the Robin’s Nest 30′ Tiny House on Wheels for sale on Tiny House Finder in West Columbia, Texas.

The home, built in 2014 by Brevard Tiny House Company, is super cute and includes unique touches like industrial and reclaimed accents from Etsy. The current owner is switching over to a fifth wheel in order to accommodate travel. It has a loft bedroom, quaint kitchen and living and bathroom area. You can get all the details, including who to contact to purchase or ask more questions, over at Tiny House Finder.

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Robin’s Nest 30′ Tiny House on Wheels

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This is the Dallas Texas Quaint Tiny Cottage on Wheels for sale.

The best part of this home is there are two bedrooms, including one on the first floor! I love the creamy yellow exterior with the weathered grey shutters — a lovely feminine aesthetic. Plus if you want it, the house sale comes with a removable outdoor porch. Get all the details on Tiny House Finder.

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Dallas Texas Quaint Tiny Cottage on Wheels

Images via Tiny House Finder

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Today I want to introduce you to another great Tiny House resource: Tiny House Finder.

We post tiny homes for rent/sale here on Tiny House Talk, but Tiny House Finder has a few great features that I think those of you searching for a new home will love:

  • Its free
  • You can search by location
  • The search widget allows you to narrow your search to very specific requirements

You can also search for builders and post that you are looking for a place to park your tiny house. Look below for an example of one of the homes featured on their site right now.

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Introducing a New Resource: Tiny House Finder

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