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Mark your calendars and get your tickets!

This is a festival in the truest sense. Tiny houses, skoolies, DIYs, professional builds, and private-home owners.
PLUS… workshops, speakers, presentations, live entertainment, vendors, artisans, food trucks, and more!
ALSO… this is will be our 27th for-charity tiny house festival. To date we have given away over $754K+ from the proceeds of our events to over 100+ charities, great causes and within the communities where we hold our events.

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7th Annual United Tiny House Association Festival

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This is to let you know that there are new tiny house events that have been added to our workshops page.

This includes the upcoming tiny house-building workshop with Dan Louche, a United Tiny Home Festival coming up in Florida, a hands-on workshop with Derek Diedricksen in Vermont, and more! Learn more below! Which event do you think you might be attending this year?

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Tiny House Workshops and Events for 2023

Dan Louche Hands On Tiny House Workshop in Atlanta Georgia 2021

Image via Tiny Home Builders

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This is to announce the Avondale Estates Tiny House Festival for 2021.

It’s happening 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, October 16 and 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday, October 17 and it is held by the MicroLife Institute. Learn more below!

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Avondale Estates Tiny House Festival by the MicroLife Institute

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This is to announce the Tiny Homes Carnival 2020 Sydney Edition in New South Wales.

It’s all happening March 6-8, 2020 at the St Ives Showground. The event is a collaboration with the Australian Tiny House Association and includes various speakers including John Weisbath of Tiny House Nation, various tiny home tours and displays, and more. More info is provided below. Early bird tickets may still be available.

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Tiny Homes Carnival 2020 – March 6-8

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This is to remind you about the upcoming Tiny Living Festivals. It’s happening in California this weekend October 5-6, 2019 in Richmond, California.

And it’s happening November 22-24, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. You don’t want to miss it! Also, you’ll get to tour and see tons of tiny homes of all kinds. And, ESCAPE will be at both events!

Tiny Living Festivals in California and Florida 2019

California Tiny Living Festival Oct 5-6 2019 001

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This is to announce the 3rd Annual Incredible Tiny Homes Fall Jam. This is a great opportunity to meet the Incredible Tiny Homes team and to preview the tiny house communities they are developing.

The Fall Jam is a two day celebration of all things related to tiny homes! The event takes place October 12th-13th at our location at 850 Industrial Road in Newport, Tennessee.

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Incredible Tiny Homes Fall Jam – October 12-13, 2019


Images © Incredible Tiny Homes

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The Tiny House movement has been moving forward in leaps and bounds in the last few years in Australia, with a number of Australian tiny houses featured on programs such as Living Big in a Tiny House, and news articles and opinion pieces popping up on an almost weekly basis. A recent landmark decision in Brisbane is also a positive sign for those hoping to make tiny houses their full-time homes.

This enthusiasm and need for tiny living is now reflected in Tiny Houses appearing at events and festivals. Australia has a great opportunity to see three tiny houses at Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018 (MKW18).

MKW18 is an exciting program of events in Melbourne City Centre focussed on connecting people, place, research and technology to imagine the city of the future. It will explore opportunities, tackle the urgent challenges, and share skills to help shape the future of Melbourne, so could tiny houses be a part of this solution? The tiny houses will be displayed in a Tiny Solutions showcase from Friday May 11 to Sunday 13 May.

Free Tiny House Event at Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018


Image © Living Big in a Tiny House

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This is to announce the 2016 Georgia Tiny House Festival this March 4-6, 2016.

The event will be located at Crooked Pines Farm on 355 Harmony Road in Eatonton, GA 31024.

From Friday to Sunday, you’ll get to see a variety of tiny houses, listen to inspiring speakers, and connect with other like-minded people in a fun and friendly environment. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

2016 Georgia Tiny House Festival

Georgia Tiny House Festival

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