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The Catskills Tiny House Workshop, two hours northwest of NYC, is having another two-day class on October 20 & 21 —teaching people how to design, move, and oversee-the-building of their own small house.

The $495 fee (there are couple’s and group discounts) includes accommodations in three different tiny houses, all meals, sample blueprints, sample written plans, a sample builder’s contract, a sample land rental agreement for a tiny house, and a how-to guide packed with building terms, definitions, and facts. You can learn more and sign up on their website.

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Learn All About Planning Your Dream Tiny House on Wheels

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This is to let you know about the upcoming Third Annual Tennessee Tiny House Music Festival. It’s happening August 20-21, 2022 (Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 5 pm) and hosted by United Tiny House.

This is a festival in the truest sense. Tiny houses, skoolies, vardos, DIYs, professional builds, and private-home owners. PLUS… workshops, speakers, presentations, live entertainment, vendors, artisans, food trucks, and MUSIC.

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Tennessee Tiny House Music Festival

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This is to let you know that TinyHouse.com is hosting their first online tiny house event from April 24-25, 2020! That means if you haven’t been able to attend tiny house events in the past due to finances or work commitments or missing an event because of the pandemic, this is your chance to hear from all the biggest names in the tiny house world…

You get to hear from more than 20 speakers including Dee Williams, Zack Giffin, David Latimer, Tyson Spiess, Ethan Waldman, and Jenna Spesard. These are all amazingly influential folks in the tiny house world, some of whom I’ve met and correspond with regularly, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Topics include “Living in a Tiny Home” (from Zack, who has lived in his THOW for 6 years),”Tidying Tips & Tricks” from a certified Master KonMari Consultant, and the very helpful “How to Design Your Tiny Home.”

You’ll get more than 12 hours of tiny house content, and 3 virtual tiny home tours for the low price of $10 (if you register nowthis is early bird pricing!). If you miss out on the early bird, the price jumps to $50. So basically, head over here right now and get your ticket.

Online Tiny House Event April 24-25 With The Biggest Names in Tiny!

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=> Learn more and register here using our affiliate link!

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This is an exciting announcement for all our Colorado readers: The inaugural Colorado Tiny House Festival is coming to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg on July 28-30.

Einstyne Tiny Homes, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, and Trailer Made Trailers are presenting the event which will include builders, DIY tiny homes, vendors, speakers and more.

What’s especially cool is that if you have a DIY tiny home you’d like to bring, you can let them know here. Other professional tiny house builders and anyone who considers themselves knowledgeable enough to be a speaker can also get in touch with the organizers to be included in the program.

Stay up to date on the festival’s Facebook page here, and scroll below to get more event details and buy tickets!

Announcing the Colorado Tiny House Festival, July 28-30

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I’m excited to let you know about an awesome upcoming tiny house event called the National 2015 Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado from Friday, August 7th, to Sunday, August 9th, 2015.

The event calls for all tiny housers, builders, and tiny living fans to get together for this incredible FREE event. But even though it’s free, registration is required.

If you decide to go you’ll get to meet other amazing people who are interested in a better way of life, listen to speakers, enjoy book signings, talk to and meet leaders in the tiny house world, and so much more.

2015 Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs

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Image © Tiny House Jamboree

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