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Well this is one inspirational family! After their mother got sick, she ended up turning to natural methods and clean eating to help her body heal. This took the family on a journey from city life to homesteading in the country. Part of their homesteading adventure included building alternative, inexpensive dwellings so they could live mortgage-free!

About seven years ago they had the idea that they’d build each of their four children their own tiny house/bedroom out of earthbags. They just recently completed the last one for their daughter, Shae. And even though altogether the family has far more than a tiny house, it’s amazing that they all worked together to create these inexpensive dwellings for their kids!

It took about 35 weeks for them to create this latest earthbag home, so they created a 1.5 hour video capturing the process. The last 10 minutes or so will show you a walk-through of the finished product. Enjoy!

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All Four Kids Have Their Own Earthbag Bedrooms!

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