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Our reader, Sam, recently introduced us to Hygge Supply — a reinvented kit home that offers all kinds of modular options for building! While the company can build standard-sized houses, their smallest unit is a 149 square foot cottage, and the next size up is a still-tiny 307 square foot “Large Cottage.”

These aren’t prefabricated homes, and are built on-site with a traditional construction loan. They aren’t DIY-friendly, but are a great not-on-wheels tiny house option if you already own land somewhere. If your municipality allows for ADU (alternative dwelling units), you could likely build one of these as a granny pod or Airbnb rental.

All the finishes like cabinets and faucets are included in the build price, and you have a certain number of them to pick from to design your spot. Take a look at some design options below, and head over to their website to learn more!

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Site-Built Kit Homes (149 Sq. Ft. & 307 Sq. Ft. Options)

Hygge Supply Kit Homes

Images via Hygge Supply

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