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This is to announce the creation of the first tiny house coloring book by Dana Reinert who is a fellow tiny house fanatic and reader of our Tiny House Talk and our free Tiny House Newsletter. Her book is called The Tiny House Coloring (and Activity!) Book.

Dana is creating the tiny house coloring book for herself, her friends, and her family, but she’s started a Kickstarter campaign to see if the rest of the world might also be interested in it. Pretty cool, right? So that’s why I’m letting you know about it right now!

The world’s first Tiny House Coloring Book will soon be available if enough of us are interested in it. I think it’s a wonderful idea, how about you? If you’d like to reserve your own coloring book you can head over to Dana’s Kickstarter page to pre-order one. And if enough of us put our orders in, she will create and deliver them to us! If not, you won’t be charged anything because that’s how Kickstarter works. 🙂

The Tiny House Coloring (And Activity!) Book by Dana Reinert

Tiny House Coloring Book 01

Images © Dana Reinert/TinyHouseColoringBook.com

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