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Do you live in Florida? Are you looking for a tiny house that “can be placed in most typical neighborhoods” because it’s built to code? Then get excited for the Cornerstone Tiny Homes Code Compliant tiny house that’s coming soon!

They are currently building the first one right now, and will soon offer three different models, the Denali, Lincoln and Fairweather. These are all one-floor units, making them perfect for folks nearing retirement who aren’t interested in stairs or ladders.

Check out the renderings of the three models below, and then take a video tour of their first one (which is still unfinished inside, for now). Want details about what the homes will include and how they are code-compliant? Check out their specs page here and their FAQs here.

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Code Compliant Tiny House for Florida!

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This is a tiny house on wheels by California Tiny Houses parked in front of Fresno City Hall.

The city updated its zoning code to legalize the use of tiny homes on trailers.

Great news, isn’t it? Pretty soon we hope to see more cities doing the same. Please enjoy, learn more, and help spread the word with by re-sharing below. Thank you!

Fresno Legalizes Tiny Houses with New Zoning Change


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You’re probably one of many people who desperately wish it was easier to live in tiny houses legally without having to move across the country.

Right now, there are places to live tiny, but there’s not that many. In fact, it’s still illegal in most places and there aren’t far enough tiny house friendly communities out there to support us.

That’s why Alexis, Christian, Kai, and a handful of other tiny house enthusiasts are coming together to create a free documentary to educate people on legal tiny house living options. I’m confident that this will directly impact and influence the number of tiny house communities throughout the world. And right now you can help raise money for this free film by selecting and purchasing a perk to receive with your donation. Please enjoy the film preview below, learn more, and re-share below because we need your help to spread the word! Thanks!

Yes, You Can Help Living Tiny Become Legal!

Living Tiny Legally 01

Images © Tiny House Expedition via YouTube and IndieGoGo

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In the tiny house community we are often talking about the various building codes around the country, and the world, and how they affect tiny spaces. Tiny house bloggers often get asked the question “do you know the building codes in [my city]?

Building codes are so location specific that they can vary greatly mile by mile. The only way to know for sure about the building codes in your area is to talk to the local government. Unfortunately, you can’t be surprised when they tell you that you can’t live in a tiny house where you want.

Fixing Tiny House Codes and Zoning

Tiny house builders do many things to get around this issue. Some will pick a location because of the friendly nature of the building codes. Some will build on wheels so the house can be moved if it ever becomes a problem. Some will build on unincorporated country land that isn’t likely to strictly enforce codes.

There is one more option that I’m not sure any of us have really considered.

Running for local government.

photo credit: Will Merydith via photopin cc

photo credit: Will Merydith via photopin cc

Click below to read more about my crazy ideas for extreme tiny house code reform.
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