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This is a tiny house illustration shared by one of our readers, Annemieke Spruijt, of Marsha Cowan’s The Darling Tiny House on Wheels.

I don’t live in a tiny house, but in a tiny country and a cozy apartment :-). I love tiny houses though, and I love to draw. So recently I made a watercolor illustration, inspired by Marsha Cowan’s My Darling Tiny House on Wheels. I put it on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAuQ1aJKC0T/?taken-by=miekesmakes and I hereby send you 2 pictures as attachments.
I know Marsha’s is not the current owner anymore. But perhaps she knows who is? It might be funny for that person (or Marsha still) to see the drawing I made? Maybe you could forward my email to them?

Thank you!

Kind groetjes from the Netherlands,

Annemieke Spruijt

Tiny House Illustration of The Darling Tiny House

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Images © Annemieke Spruijt

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