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Meet Brooke: She has a doctorate in physical therapy, but ultimately found herself longing to spend more time with her kids. That’s when she got into crocheting hats. A hobby soon became a successful business, and now she and her family travel around the country spreading the word about her amazing bobble hats, running her business, homeschooling and exploring the US.

So basically she’s amazing! Her husband, Jeff, is the director of sales for her business, so her amazing hat-crafting is enough to support the family of 5 — and they are completely debt-free, which is even cooler.

They didn’t do a ton of renovations to their brand new Grand Design 3740BH, but they have made it a home (and business!) worth admiring. Read our Q&A with Brooke at the end of the post, and buy one of her hats here!

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Crocheting Hats and Making a Living! Amazing Entrepreneur

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