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This is the Ironclad Tiny House on Wheels by Wind River Tiny Homes in Tennessee.

The Ironclad tiny home started out as a hybrid of two of our past builds (The Chimera and The Rook) but ended up taking on a life of it’s own. This sleek and modern tiny house won’t stand up to canon balls like the Civil War warships from which it gets it’s name, but the 40 year warranty metal siding and roofing are incredibly durable and low maintenance.

Step inside and you’ll find the interior has a modern feel with industrial and rustic accents. White ship lap walls, light natural pine ceiling, and subway tiles are offset by the brooding and dark tone of the trim, hardware, fixtures and floor. The Ironclad tiny home also has a larger than standard bathroom, large shower (48″x 32″) and full sized appliances which allow the space to feel and operate like a much larger home.

Get the price and contact information for Wind River Tiny Homes below. Enjoy the pictures!

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The Ironclad Tiny House Model by Wind River Tiny Homes

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This is the Riversong Lodge by Incredible Tiny Homes!

Riversong Lodge from Incredible Tiny Home is 30′ x 8′, weighs approximately 16,800 pounds, with a base price of $54,850. And will soon be featured in a Geico Commercial!

I love the large living area and plenty of windows!

Enjoy pictures of this stunning custom build and then take the video tour “zoom through” on the last page. Want an incredible home? Contact the builder here.

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Incredible Tiny Homes Riversong Lodge Tour

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