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When this couple moved to the family farm 19 years ago, they built a 1200 square foot home for the two of them. But three growing kids later, they were ready for some more space. The costs and permitting for an addition were prohibitive, and that’s when they thought about getting a tiny house.

They parked it as close to their home as possible and built a breezeway to connect it to the rest of the house. In the tiny house there’s a bathroom, loft bedroom, reading loft, and ground floor bedroom for the couple’s two older daughters.

What do you think of this idea?

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SimBLISSity THOW as Addition on 1200 Sq. Ft. Home

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This is a tiny house bedroom with three beds from the NestPod Tiny House on Wheels by Jonathan Avery of Tiny Houses Scotland.

What do you think? It’s a pretty interesting design, isn’t it? What do you think of it? Let’s talk about it in the comments! You may also want to check out their other famous tiny house design called The NestHouse (this one is a tiny house on a foundation).

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A TRIPLE Bunk Bed Tiny House Bedroom


Images © Tiny Houses Scotland

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