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In her mid-fifties, Allyson started to worry — she hadn’t saved anything for retirement and knew if she wanted to keep paying rent she would need to work indefinitely. But around that time, she heard about tiny living and decided that was the path for her.

She started learning carpentry skills and finding inexpensive windows for sale on Facebook Marketplace, saving up items she would need to build her house. And then with the help of a carpenter guiding her, she built her forever home: “Daisy”. With a house built and a spot to park it, Allyson plans to retire within the year.

You’ll love her DIY home, which you can see below. She even planned for a downstairs sleeping arrangement if/when it gets too hard for her to climb into her loft bedroom.

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Her THOW is Filled with Books, Crafts & Hard Work

Daisy Allyson’s DIY Tiny House Bilt in Her 60s 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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