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“One of the best things in life is to find out that you are perfectly happy without the things you thought you needed the most!”

Susan says that’s her favorite saying, and it couldn’t be more relevant to tiny house living! As a retiree (“who isn’t getting any younger”), Susan chose to go tiny even though she still owns her 800 square foot home (which she lived in for 50 years!) outright. Owning that land allows her to classify her tiny as an RV, and keeps her from paying a mortgage or lot rent. She uses a room in the “big” house for her sewing and her treadmill, and for guests when family comes to town. Otherwise, she enjoys the minimalism of her 180 square foot abode with her adorable dog, Moxie.

She was kind enough to reach out to us and answer some questions about her tiny life — be sure to read the Q&A after touring her lovely home!

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After 40 Years of Crafting & Raising Boys, She Went Tiny!

My Robin’s Nest 014

Images via Susan

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