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If you’ve been following tiny homes for a while, you’ve probably seen a photo or two of the Tiny Miss Dolly on Wheels — she has a whopping 108K followers on Instagram (@tinymissdollyonwheels) and Marie Kondo, the famous queen of minimalism and decluttering, has even reshared a photo of her space!

Dolly built her home with the help of Designer Eco Tiny Homes. She was able to complete the build, spending 2 weeks onsite herself, for $65,000 — and didn’t take out a mortgage! She came to the designers with a cardboard version of the home she wanted, and with their help and guidance made adjustments until she found a home they could build and stay within her price range.

The home has two lofts — one for her bedroom and the other as a guest loft/lounge. Downstairs is a simple bathroom with a humanure composting toilet, and a walk-in closet with a washer! Her pride and joy, though, is her kitchen, where she spends time creating culinary masterpieces for friends and family (and herself, of course).

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Tiny Miss Dolly: Quaint Tiny Home Filled with Plants!

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