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Today I want to share a review for a really neat product: the ROBA Laundry Hamper. It was designed by Nathan Housberg during his senior year at Brown University to address the needs of students using shared laundry rooms. Prototypes were so successful that he launched a Kickstarter campaign and is now selling his brilliant invention!

The point of the ROBA is to be an all-in-one system: You fill the hamper with dirty clothes, toss the whole hamper into the washer, and then remove it all and put it in the dryer. When it’s dry, you just take it out and bring it back home! No laundry falling on the dirty floor. No losing socks in the dryer!

Even though most of our readers aren’t sharing dorms anymore, they may be bringing laundry to a laundromat. And in my case, my laundry is in the basement, so I also hated clean clothing falling on the dusty concrete! Nathan sent me a ROBA to try out, and I love it. Read to the end to get a special 20% off discount code!

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Never Lose A Sock Again: The ROBA Laundry Hamper


Images via ROBA

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