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This is a tiny house with a built-in aquaponics system in the kitchen. It’s pretty interesting and something I’ve never really seen before in a tiny house on wheels.

It’s called the Tiny Giant House and several years ago in 2015, it was listed for sale for $60,000 USD. The home was built on a 24-foot trailer, weighs about 13,800 lbs, and has so many unique features like a built-in chicken coop, a rainwater collection system, solar array, an AQUAPONICS system, 45-gallons of water storage, and more…

It also features a 9.2 cubic foot refrigerator, a full-size combo washer/dryer, a SunMar composting toilet, an LG mini-split air conditioner, and more. This tiny house is almost completely self-sufficient, isn’t it? Amazing…

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24-foot Tiny House That’s Almost COMPLETELY Self-Sufficient… Rainwater collection, solar power, aquaponics farm system, and more…

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I’m excited to introduce you to the Tiny Giant House project.

It’s definitely one of the most creative tiny house designs and builds I’ve ever seen and although it’s almost completed it’s still a work in progress as I write this to you.

One of the most notably unique features is the built-in chicken coop. Yes! A tiny house on wheels with an onboard chicken coop! And hold your horses because there’s even more creative goodness when you go inside. It’s definitely a must-see. Please enjoy and re-share it with your tiny house friends below because I think they’ll enjoy it too. Thanks!

Creative Tiny Giant House on Wheels

Tiny Giant House 007

Images © TinyGiantHouse

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