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This Love Shack Tiny House Boat was submitted by Jeff & Sherry – share yours!

He purchased this and is in the process of wanting to fix this up to a comfy Love Shack. To be honest when he first bought it I was like, “what the heck! Is that an ice shack?”

Then I saw the passion that he had for wanting to fix it up… That is when I had to change it up to the Love Shack and after the first time we took it out on the water, people seem to really Love it – even just driving behind it as the back up person I had my window open and peoples comments were so fun to hear. One time a fire truck was coming back from a fire and one of the fire fighters said, “that is @!#%ing Awesome!” to his fellow fire fighters.

The Love Shack Tiny House Boat


Images © Sherry & Jeff

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