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This is one amazingly HUGE tiny house on wheels: The Purple Monster by Tiny Diamond Homes.

The home was built for a military family so they could take their house with them as they move. Even if purple isn’t your go-to color, you have to appreciate the lovely 10 x 10 master bedroom with large closets and a substantial desk. Other rooms include a spacious living area, kitchen with large appliances, and a loft bedroom (with a code-complaint railing).

Watch the video tour below!

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The Purple Monster THOW by Tiny Diamond Homes

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This is The Rose Cut Tiny Home on Wheels.

It’s built by Tiny Diamond Homes on a 5th wheel gooseneck trailer.

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The Rose Cut Tiny Home (Built on a Gooseneck Trailer)

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This is a Brilliant model tiny house by Tiny Diamond Homes that has triple-axles and is 30′ long.

Outside, you’ll notice this simple but classic design for a tiny house on wheels: a rectangle with tall ceilings to provide room for two lofts. It has beige vinyl siding, white trim and cranberry red shutters and metal roofing.

When you go inside, you’ll find knotting pine paneling contrasted with lovely white wainscoted cabinets. The kitchen sits kitty-corner for optimizing space and includes a tiny oven and stove top. Through the kitchen, you’ll find the bathroom, complete with a composting toilet, and a washer/dryer combo. Over the kitchen and bathroom is one loft where the bed sits, and across the house is another loft over the gray L-shaped couch. A pine ladder can be moved around to give you access to both lofts.

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Brilliant Tiny House by Tiny Diamond Homes

Brilliant by Tiny Diamond Homes 001

Images © Tiny Diamond Homes

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