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Michelle raised her two children on her own for most of their lives, and that came with a lot of financial stress. When her youngest moved out of their three-bedroom ranch, she realized it was time to downsize. Her container home, built by Incredible Tiny Homes and placed in one of the Incredible Properties in TN.

Now her bills are under $300/month, and she has a lovely home of her own with a great community. Never needing to worry about money again provides Michelle with so much peace of mind! Enjoy her amazing tour below.

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Single Mother Downsizes to Tiny House Village

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Container homes are always neat, but I just love what they did with the faux stone on the exterior of this one! What makes the inside so special is the use of all reclaimed wood. It’s especially lovely in the cozy first-floor bedroom.

The full bathroom features a vintage pedestal sink and the bathroom has an old cast iron sink, giving the home extra character. There’s a comfortable living room and seating for four at the dining table. Could you live in this container home?

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Modern Stone Facade Container Cabin in SC

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