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This is a Honda N-Truck with an N-CAMP package to tow behind.

It’s a concept Honda is toying with that could be a great affordable solution if you want to travel with less impact (financially and environmentally).

It’s based on a Honda Kei car which is a Japanese sub compact car with about 63 horsepower and a 660 cc engine. Inside the tow-behind travel trailer you’ll find a table, loft bed for two, a pair of armchairs, and not much more. Unfortunately, for now, this is just a concept but it did debut at the 2015 Japan Camper Show. What do you think? Would you ever buy something like this?

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Honda’s Micro RV: N-Truck/N-CAMP

Honda Micro RV Concept 02

Images © Honda

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If you love camping and getting back into nature whenever possible, this DIY micro camper might be the project you’ve been looking for.

And you can build it for only $700! It functions a lot like a teardrop camper since it’s a micro travel trailer that you can build on a small utility trailer.

Since it’s relatively lightweight you can even tow it with a car! And all of your camping gear can be stored inside when you’re not using it. This makes it really easy because you can just pretty much tow and go. And once you get to your campsite, set up is pretty easy. A lot easier than setting up a tent, right? And for novice builders, this is a great project to start on before building a tiny house on wheels, don’t you think?

How to Build a $700 Micro Camper

How to Build a $700 Micro Camper

Images © Karl Kilburn/Instructables

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