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This is a tiny writer’s cottage in Sweden.

Inside you’ll find a tiny kitchenette, table, writing desk, bed, fireplace, and a tiny bathroom.

Nearby you’ll also find a pier on the water with a sauna. You can book a stay here if you’d like using Airbnb and have your own Thoreau experience in today’s world. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Writer’s Cottage in Sweden

Tiny Writer's Cottage in Sweden

Images © Airbnb.com

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If you’re like me you also love watching tiny house videos.

Whether they are tours of space saving small homes…

Or interviews with experts on simple living.

That’s why I decided to gather and share three of my favorite “classic” videos on the tiny house movement starting with…

1. Dee Williams in 2008

See below to enjoy the other two of my favorite tiny house movement videos below:

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