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Any time tiny houses make it onto a non-tiny house blog the comments turn to “oh, I could never do that.” When The Tiny Life Infographic that Ryan Mitchell published early this year made it to Gizmodo on Monday, September 2, 2013, the comments began pouring in. The same old objections came up in several ways.

  • Permitting is just impossible.
  • This is only feasible for one person.
  • I couldn’t fit all my stuff in it.
  • Why not just get an RV?

I thought I might take a minute to readdress these objections. Living in a tiny house is not an untested theory. I have been doing it comfortably for over a year and I know several other tiny house dwellers that have happily downsized as well.

Infographic courtesy of The Tiny Life.

Infographic courtesy of The Tiny Life.

I encourage you to read my thoughts on these subjects below:

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I had an amazing time at the Relax Shacks workshop in Wilmington. I was able to meet so many bloggers and builders that I have known online – including Alex from right here at Tiny House Talk. I also had the privilege of spending more time with Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life – we even shared a condo for the weekend. At the workshop, he announced the release of his eBook Cracking the Code: A Guide to Building Codes and Zoning for the Tiny Houses.”

As a blogger, and someone who built a tiny home of my own, I am so grateful for the existence of this book. It is not overstating it to say it is an invaluable resource. I am often asked questions here on Tiny House Talk, over at my own blog, and on Facebook, about permits and codes. I had always felt powerless when faced with these inquiries as the answers aren’t so simple. Thankfully, Ryan Mitchell has come to the rescue by putting together years of research on building codes for his own house and releasing it as an eBook guide. Mitchell shares insight on how to work with your local government and how civil disobedience might be the best option for some tiny house builders.

Cracking the Code by Ryan Mitchell

Cracking the Code by Ryan Mitchell

Click below to read more about Ryan Mitchell’s eBook.

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Tiny House Blogger Ryan Mitchell recently posted an anti-tiny house article that appeared elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

His post specifically showcased the not only negative but often ignorant comments from that original article. He made the deliberate choice not to link to the original article, which was written with a tone of superiority and implied that tiny house builders are all just Unibombers waiting to happen.

Here is the thing that I think many people seem to forget: We aren’t part of a tiny house army intent on taking away everyone’s 1,000 or larger square foot homes and replacing them all with tiny structures.

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Why Tiny Homes ARE NOT For Everyone

photo credit: Merelymel13 via photopin cc

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