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In this video post you’ll get to see how a man named Rob Greenfield downsized into a 50 sq. ft. micro house on wheels that he bought for only $950.

Rob admits that he is pretty extreme when it comes to downsizing. And I agree because this kind of lifestyle is definitely not fit for everybody. But he seems to love it and it’s simply inspiring, isn’t it? It’s amazing how little we really need if we’re open and willing to go that far. And Rob is showing us that right now.

I think you’ll really enjoy his story (and new teeny tiny house on wheels) below. Please re-share if you want to and let me know what you think about living tiny to this extreme in comments at the bottom. Would you ever do something like this? Have you ever done it in the past? Would love to read your own stories and thoughts below. Thank you.

Man Lives in $950, 50 Sq. Ft., Micro House on Wheels


Images © RobGreenfield.TV

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