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Remember the Nest Tiny House in Phoenix? It’s a modern tiny home on wheels with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design with floor to ceiling windows.

It’s been a vacation unit in the Phoenix area which we blogged about here, but now the owners are selling it. So it’s available in case you might be interested in it. Take a look, learn more, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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The Nest Tiny House on Wheels Is Available For Sale (SOLD)

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This is The Nest Tiny House Vacation in Phoenix, Arizona. If I ever get to go to Phoenix, now I know where to stay! Update: This tiny house is now for sale!

The tiny house is constructed on a custom 8.5’ x 24’ trailer and is approximately 200 sq feet–260 if you include the loft!1

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The Nest Tiny House in Phoenix

The Nest Tiny House Vacation in Phoenix

Photos © The Nest Phoenix via Airbnb

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“The Nest” is a tiny house on wheels (6’x6′) with a storage loft. It’s my second tiny house. You can see my first one, “The Darling” here.

I lived in this one for 7 months, then because I was making plans to work in AZ in a contract position, and would be going back and forth from AZ to NC so much, I sold that tiny house and bought a tiny bus.

It was green with a stained door. You can see it all below.

The Nest Tiny House on a Trailer


Images © Marsha Cowan

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