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This is The Barn at Edenwood. It’s a beautiful tiny cabin on a foundation with a hot tub in the loft and sleeping arrangements on the main level along with spectacular forest views.

Scott and Ashley of The Hive Drive Bus take us on a wonderful photo tour of the little cabin in Hendersonville, North Carolina, which you can book on Airbnb if you’d like to stay here too. All of that and more down below. Enjoy!

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Tiny Cabin with a Hot Tub Loft in North Carolina

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This is to let you know that you can win 3 nights in a tiny house in Durham, North Carolina thanks to Scott and Ashley of The Hive Drive Bus.

They’re celebrating their 10k followers on Instagram by doing this giveaway. And all you have to do is head on over to their Instagram, specifically this post on their Instagram, and follow the steps outlined there! Do that, and you’ll be eligible to win! It all starts with Following them on their Instagram if you already haven’t.

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Register To Win 3 Nights Stay In This Awesome Tiny House In North Carolina

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