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Talk about the ideal tiny living arrangement: This couple and their toddler in Ontario purchased a DIY tiny house from its previous owners and live in it on 6 acres of beautiful land that they “steward” for the landowners who need help with the upkeep!

Because they paid for the tiny home by selling their condo they have no mortgage or utility bills while living in The Giving Tree Tiny House. The coolest part? Owner Bianca is working with local authorities to try and make “land stewarding” a legal way to create affordable housing for others, and her trailblazing could open doors for the rest of us down the line.

Now they have their little home, way fewer bills, and tons more time together as a family, working the land and connecting with nature. How awesome is that? We got to interview Bianca so make sure to read our Q&A with her at the end of the post!

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Family in Ontario’s Land Steward Tiny Arrangement!

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