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The Explorer Boxes are a hybrid of teardrop trailers and easy-to-set-up tent campers. Designed and developed by Compact Camping Concepts, LLC, they’re campers that you can easily build yourself.

The company has developed an 85-page set of building plans so that you can build your own tent trailer. They’re small in size and lightweight so you can tow with just about any vehicle including some motorcycles. The company likes to call it a Mobile Outdoor Adventure Bedroom. On their site, you’ll find different kinds of rooftop tents, changing rooms, ladder extensions, and more so that you can create the perfect camping solution for yourself.

But that’s not its only purpose. These compact tent trailers can also haul your bicycles, kayaks, and other gear. Enjoy the pictures below and if you’re interested Scott has included a special offer for you, readers of TinyHouseTalk.com. Just check out the bottom of this post for details.

Mobile Outdoor Adventure Bedroom (Tent Camper w/ Storage on Wheels!)

Explorer Box Mobile DIY Tent Camper with Easy Set Up Kind of like a Teardrop Trailer

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