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The year is 2020, we’re all in some form of isolation, and I thought I would bring some tiny house-friendly apparel back to Tiny House Talk. It’s been a while since we’ve done it, so I thought I’d start offering limited-run t-shirt designs based on some of our favorite quotes and cabins. If anything, just for fun.

With this one, we went with the quote, “all good things are wild and free,” by Henry David Thoreau. So it’s the Wild And Free Tee (but is also available as a pair of socks or tank top). Check it out if you’re interested. If not, I totally understand. But if you’re in the market for a new comfortable t-shirt, and this is a message that jives with you, well, consider supporting our tiny mission while expressing your true self and having a reminder to find ways to be wild and free, even under today’s weird circumstances. Inspire yourself, and inspire others (from a safe distance, please). This design is on a limited run, so once these are sold, they’re gone.

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Wild And Free Tees (Limited)

Wild And Free T-Shirts 001

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Update: Sold out

I love getting to create t-shirts and clothing geared towards simple living and tiny homes. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time and now it’s becoming real (thanks to your help).

Last month we launched our first t-shirt campaign and we sold out of shirts within a week. I didn’t expect that at all! Thank you so much for your support. I’m forever grateful and I look forward to continuing to serve you better.

Now by popular demand I’ve designed a new live simply t-shirt design for you. This time I think you’ll like it even better because I simplified the design; I added my own ‘touch’; I increased the quality of the t-shirts; I added color; and I added more options for you. And best of all, 10% of proceeds go towards building an affordable tiny house village for those in need.

I wanted to give you more options, some color, and even higher quality materials and because of that the price of each shirt is more than the first edition. But if you decide to get one you’ll see it’s well worth it in quality when you touch and wear it. And in design when you look at it. Ready to see them?

New Live Simply T-Shirts (SOLD OUT)


Pretty cool, right? There are even more design options you’ll want to look at below if you think you might like one (just order soon because this is a limited edition shirt and will no longer be available after 8/6/14):

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