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In this video based post you’ll get to see how a family of five lives in an 850 sq. ft. small house that’s 100 years old. And if you do the division, that’s only 170 sq. ft. per person. So if you really wanted to, you can say that they’re living tiny, right?

But it’s really more of a ‘normal’ small house with fenced in yard (which is great!). They even bought a shed that they’ll later on be turning into a tiny house to use as a guest house later on. You can get the full story from Talya Rose in the video below so you can learn how and why they’re living in this little home as a growing family.

I think they made a great decision for their life long-term because it seems like this house will work well for them for many years to come if not for the rest of their lives. What do you think about families and tiny houses? In your opinion, should they go tiny or go small instead? Please share your best thoughts in the comments below. Thank you.

Family of 5 Living in 850 Sq. Ft. Small House


Images © Talya Rose

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