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Raw Food Livin’ is a YouTube channel and blog dedicated to eating raw vegan foods and living minimally. Turns out the blog’s owner recently moved into a studio-style Swedish Tiny House on land!

She uploaded a video tour of the 300 sq. ft. place that has a small kitchenette (no stove, which works great for someone who eats only raw foods!), a bathroom with a washer and then a main living area with her bed, storage, desk and couch. She lives there with her pup, Pepsi.

Check it out!

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Raw Food Livin’s Swedish Tiny House

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This is an opera singer’s 269 sq. ft. tiny home that includes a grand piano inside. It’s located in Sweden and also has an additional 86 sq. ft. loft. According to one of our readers, Karin Johansson, the home was purchased for 1,200,000 SEK which translates to about $135,000 in USD a few months ago. It’s said to now be worth $200,000 USD!

In Sweden this is a new house category, like an ADU, and they’re called “Attefallshus” (after the politician Stefan Attefall). It may not be over 25 square meters (269 sqf), and not over 4 meter high (13 feet).

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Opera Singer’s Grand Piano Tiny Home

Opera Singers Tiny Home in Sweden 001

Image © Sara Kroon via Mitti.se

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