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Sophie and Henry felt strongly about living sustainably, and building an eco-friendly DIY tiny home — while living a minimalist lifestyle — fit perfectly into that passion.

Their combined experience in architecture and framing made them perfect candidates for building their own home, although it did take them longer than they had thought (a common theme in most DIY projects, I find!). They (@RADtinyhome) had to uproot their lives and move away from the Twin Cities to a more rural area to find parking, but the side effect of that is more time in and connectedness to nature.

Even if you can’t go tiny right now, there are ways to embrace low-waste living, which they outline in this simple guide here. You can read our Q&A with the couple at the end of the post after checking out their awesome tour below! They even did a breakdown of costs to build their tiny, and made a nice pie chart graph to help you visualize it…

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Going Tiny to Embrace Low-Waste Living

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